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1PC Professional Stainless Steel Hair Lice Comb

1PC Professional Stainless Steel Hair Lice Comb

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1PC Professional Stainless Steel Hair Lice Comb

A stainless steel comb for hair lice is a specialized tool crafted to aid in the removal of lice and their eggs, commonly known as nits, from the hair.

This comb proves to be an effective instrument for managing and treating head lice infestations. The preference for stainless steel combs in lice removal arises from their durability, ease of cleaning, and the presence of smooth, closely spaced teeth.

The fine teeth of the comb are strategically designed to capture both lice and nits, facilitating their removal from individual hair strands.

When using a stainless steel lice comb, the typical procedure involves combing through the hair systematically, section by section, starting from the scalp and progressing toward the ends. Thoroughness is crucial to ensure the complete removal of any lice or nits present in the hair.

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