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3 In 1 Multi-Fuction Computer Earphone Cleaning Brush

3 In 1 Multi-Fuction Computer Earphone Cleaning Brush

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1. Multifunctional cleaning set: Flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging box of the headset.

The high-density brush can clean the dirt on the sound outlet of the headset. The metal nib can clean stubborn dust.
2. Split double head design: the computer cleaning set is equipped with nylon bristles, flocking sponges, high-density

brushes, metal pen tips and key cap pullers. The double head concealed design meets a variety of cleaning needs

3. Soft brush does not hurt the keyboard: select nylon brush with moderate soft and hard, three row design, high pore

strength, good elasticity, good stiffness, dense and labor-saving friction.

4. Convenient and labor-saving, easy key pulling: with a simple key puller, it is no longer laborious to replace the key cap,

and the key cap can be disassembled more thoroughly.

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